I photographed this gorgeous mum and dad on their wedding day, then came the maternity session followed by a Gorgeous newborn session with Ivy, their new love <3 It was so good to see them again at my Poplar mini sessions this year. She is the sweetest little happy faced babe, I am in love!

Baby Oscar

How does a MINI Newborn session sound?!
You’re so exhausted for months.. (Years! lol).. after you bring your beautiful new baby into the world, not to mention a little lacking in the cash department! But you still want those special little features of the tiny human you just created, captured. I get it!
These are just some examples of what I was able to capture within 30-40 mins. Nice and relaxing, natural and real.
And yes, the baby was crying and he poo’d, the dog sniffed his butt and he was hungry again, but it didn’t matter. Because thats what having a new baby is!
The sessions wouldn’t be strictly limited to 30-40 mins but this will be the aim. There won’t be a limit on the amount of images you will receive but keep in mind it will not be as many as a full newborn session. There will also be no set ups, backdrops and posing as you may have seen from my full sessions. Just the baby, mum and dad, maybe the dog? and the comfort of your home!

Mini Newborn sessions will be open for bookings in the next two weeks, very exciting!